What is a Paladin?

The holiday season is here along with the over-consumption (shopping, food, music) we all must endure. Well fret not, take a few minutes and indulge on this groovy no-cost calorie-free college basketball update. Last year was the first time since 1949 (the first year of the AP poll) that there were no undefeated teams by [...]


The Feast is on (eh?)

The college basketball season is now in full swing and with Turkey Day only a week away you can expect a barrage of games being played all across North America (from Cancun, Mexico to Vancouver, B.C. and everywhere in between). Let’s focus on some of the main headliners: The Charleston Classic started today and wraps up [...]

Zen of Bracket Bingo

Like the smell of burning charcoal floating through the air on a summer afternoon; a happy time is close at hand. The 2018-19 NCAA Men's Basketball Season is fast approaching. Less than 72 hours before the first game tips. A total of 147 games will be played during this obscene (in a good way) fiesta [...]