Madness in March (again)

The first two rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are complete and along with it many “blundered boards”. Like clockwork, this year’s tournament has had it’s share of upsets and Cinderella stories. The breakdown of the remaining 16 teams is as follows: Gonzaga1, Baylor1, Michigan1, Alabama2, Houston2, Arkansas3, Florida St4, Creighton5, Villanova5, USC6, Oregon7, Loyola Chicago8, UCLA11, Syracuse11, Oregon St12 and Oral Roberts15. An interesting article shows that this year’s Sweet 16 is the most “diverse” in tournament history.

The conference that has over-performed the most would have to be the Pac-12. They had 5 teams enter the tournament and 4 of those still remain. Overall the Pac-12 has a 10-1 record thus far and they are guaranteed at least one team in the Elite 8 as USC and Oregon will face each other Sunday night. In terms of under-performing, that would most likely be the Big 10 that had 9 teams in the Big Dance. Those 9 teams have an unimpressive combined record of 7-8 and only 1 team is still playing.

Gonzaga and Baylor remain the favorites to make it to the Championship game but as March has continually shown us, anything can happen. Enjoy the games this weekend and don’t forget to check the Bracket Nerd’s board to see how you stack up!

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