Bubble Bingo II

The NBA Playoffs have officially begun and another round of the NBA Bubble Bingo Competition is waiting on deck. Here’s your chance to show how keen (or unkeen) you are regarding NBA Basketball. There are 16 teams making a run for the title. This competition will include the games being played on August 23rd & 24th. Those games are as follows:

  • Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers
  • LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks
  • Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets
  • Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs Orlando Magic
  • Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat
  • Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trailblazers

The basketball action is starting to heat up so before watching your favorite players and teams take the court, take a few minutes and fill out a card. It’s free, it’s easy and most of all it’s fun! Also, we’ve created a cheat sheet to assist you. Included is a list of “strong” picks for each category. Players included (and not included) on this sheet can be played anywhere on the board. All cards entered into the competition will be available to view and a leaderboard will be updated periodically. Enjoy the games and please remember to watch responsibly. Don’t forget to tell your friends all about the NBA Bubble Bingo Competition!