NBA Bubble Bingo Recap


The return of the NBA proved to be worth the wait. The two opening games (July 30th) were decided in the closing seconds with both the Jazz and Lakers winning by only a basket. Friday’s games were a whirlwind of offense and lack of defense as 1540 total points were scored (teams averaged 128.3 pts/gm). The Bubble vibe seemed to have settled somewhat by Saturday and the games had a sense of normalcy (teams averaged 111 pts/gm). Four teams had already been in action 2 nights prior and perhaps were feeling a bit deflated. The Clippers were the only team to win their second appearance game while their counterparts (Jazz, Lakers, Pelicans) all suffered defeats due to lackluster performances.

The NBA Bubble Bingo Competition was as close as they come and had to be decided by the tiebreaker (most correct picks). Contestants SpidaDFor3 and JJ-MSU both scored 75 points but the crown went to JJ-MSU who had 14 correct picks over 13 by SpidaDFor3. However, after some constructive criticism and a brief discussion with the Commissioner, it has been decided that future Competitions will implement a new rule. The Tiebreaker Rule will be changed to most Bingos followed by most correct picks (if still a tie).

Overall, only 5 Bonus Bingos (all diagonal) were scored by all contestants. Also, no contestant had more than 2 correct picks for the Double/Double and 30+ points rows. The following are how some of the categories panned out:


Much appreciation for all those who participated in the NBA Bubble Bingo Competition. Prizes will be processed in the coming days. A second round is tentatively scheduled for the NBA games played on August 13th/14th.* In the meantime stay healthy, stay safe and make sure to tell your friends all about “The bracket game…you never heard of.”